New model of ColdLogik Smart Passive Rear Door Cooler: Now available
New model of ColdLogik Smart Passive Rear Door Cooler: Now available
30th August 2021

USystems released a new version of ColdLogik Smart Passive Rear Door Cooler (RDC), the CL21 Smart Passive RDC, a self-cooling passive RDC with an upgrade system to a proactively cooled RDC.

The Features:

  1. Universal rack compatibility
  2. Retrofit capable
  3. Simple installation
  4. Air pressure drops fully disclosed to ensure compatibility with in rack equipment prior to deployment
  5. Pay as you grow for definable kW ratings if upgrade path is needed
  6. Less wastage through upgrade path – no need to replace the existing system
  7. Feature packed ‘ColdLogik management system’ available on active upgrade
  8. New axial fan design on upgrade path
  9. Best in class energy usage at industry typical densities, when compared to other active systems
  10. Integrated interface frame for the most shallow RDC USystems has ever produced

Carefully designed and tested, the new version of Smart Passive RDC is expected to enable better transition from traditional cooling methods into a much more energy efficient overall solution.

The CL21 was designed, from the ground up, to be the best possible solution in the industry for racks with a cooling requirement between 0-29kW. The CL21 facilitates significantly better energy efficiency, waste free upgrade paths, all whilst reducing the footprint required within the whitespace and the carbon footprint for the environment.

‘The CL21 is the next step in our journey towards helping our customers improve their efficiency of energy and space alongside their on site sustainability. As with any of our products it was born through multiple customers requirements and feedback has been taken by the team throughout the process to optimise design.

As a result of this I am sure you will see subtle differences in the CL21 to the rest of the product range. However in our push to improve our offering it will certainly not be our last product to see some change.

‘Working with our customers to facilitate their requirements is right at the very core of USystems DNA and the CL21 shows our continuing commitment to this.’

-Sam Allen, VP Tech Sales