USystems – Our recent podcast with Databank
USystems – Our recent podcast with Databank
18th January 2020

Our recent podcast series Data Center Cool Down has been very well received. Our most recent
POD cast with Brendan Pickerillo from DataBank – a leading provider of enterprise-class data center,
cloud, and interconnection services, offering customers 100% uptime availability of data,
applications and infrastructure.

Databank’s managed data center cooling services are anchored in world-class facilities has attracted
a lot of attention and even caught the eye of Data Center who has kindly written an
article relating to it.

If you would like to listen to the podcast – just in case you missed it the first time here is your
opportunity to do so

The podcast is very laid back but bursting with information about the DataBank project and not just
why they chose USystems ColdLogik Rear Door Cooler for their installation cooling solution, but how
the performance they have got from the ColdLogik solution has exceeded all their expectations.

Another very happy customer!

Harry Menear from DCM uploaded the following ‘Spotlight’ on USystems and DataBank delivering
next-generation cooling.

and if you’d like to see more, feel free to link to the DataBank website and read their newsfeed on
the project