Environmental Policy

5.1 Environmental Policy Statement

It is the policy of USystems Limited to integrate environmental management into our day to day business activities and operations. We will manage our activities in a manner that protects the environment, the safety of our staff and public health.

USystems Limited accepts that it has a responsibility to the principles of sustainability and environmental awareness as summarised by the ISO 14001:2004 standard.

USystems Limited recognises the social and economic importance of protecting the environment; that its commitment to this must encompass all activities and that it should be prepared to lead by example in promoting a sensitive, considered attitude to the environment. Our approach to managing our environmental issues is compliant to ISO 14001:2004.

Guided by our policy, we recognise and will exercise our responsibilities to:

  1. Comply with legal & other requirements to which the business subscribes including the international standard ISO 14001:2004.
  2. Commit to achieving measurable, continuous improvement through our environmental management programme.
  3. Prevent pollution by using alternative measures in our facility.
  4. Provide the appropriate resources including training of staff to ensure they are environmentally responsible.
  5. Review and set objectives/targets on an annual basis ensuring they are measurable and achievable.
  6. Monitor performance through the internal audit process.
  7. Communicate and reinforce this policy throughout the organisation through the use of notice boards, induction training and on-going training.
  8. Make this policy available to the public.
  9. Display this policy throughout our business.

APPROVED BY: Zillah Loewe
DATE APPROVED: 21/11/2013
POSITION: Head of Operations