How it works

CL20 ProActive

How RDC cooling works

Ambient air is pulled into the cabinet via the active equipment fans. The hot exhaust air produced by the active equipment then passes over a heat exchanger matrix either by its own velocity, or, is pulled through via EC centrifugal fans mounted within the proactive door; heat is then transferred and rejected to coolant. The resulting chilled air then passes back into the room at the predetermined room ambient temperature.

Optimizing Energy Efficiency

To achieve all these benefits from ‘RDCs’ they can be retrofitted either to existing ‘OEM’ cabinets using an interface frame or fitted directly to a ColdLogik compliant USpace 4210 cabinet. However to gain the optimum energy performance from a ColdLogik solution the CL20 ‘RDC’ should be deployed as a single source solution i.e. the ‘RDC’ should be used to control the entire computer room/data center without the need of any additional air-conditioning products, including retrofit scenarios.

Controlled room temperature via ColdLogik Management System ‘CMS’

The ColdLogik Management System ‘CMS’ lies at the heart of the ColdLogik proactive solution.

The room ambient temperature is controlled locally at cabinet level by the ‘CMS’. It automatically adjusts the fan speed, water flow rate and, if necessary, the output water temperature from the cooling medium chiller; the result is a consistent delivery of cooled air into the data center, with no operator intervention.

The whole process can also be overseen and controlled at individual cabinet level, room level and remotely via many of the industry standard communication protocols.

The ‘CMS’ is built into the cooler. It ensures all variants of the ColdLogik system operate on a ‘sensible cooling’ principle – ‘water above dew point’ – and the system remains free of condensation.

Additional Options

  • Leak detection alarm
  • Chiller regulation based on room values and set point
  • Power monitoring
  • Processor monitor fail safe
  • Local individual cabinet display screen
  • System display monitor and log up to 300 ‘CMS’ via the ‘RMS’
  • Set up/commissioning tool

Configurable to suit each installation and includes these functions:

  • Coolant flow control (0 to 10V).
  • Integral 24V AC motorised valve supply.
  • 0 to 10V PWM EC fan control.
  • Single or dual bank fan speed control.
  • Fan periodic functionality test.
  • Industry standard thresholds and differentials on all user definable parameters.
  • Valve (coolant) position.
  • Individual fan monitoring
  • Communication protocols Modbus, TCP/IP and RS-485, optional SNMP protocol
  • Network BMS or volt free contact connections for room monitoring 50+ alarms, including individual fan fail alarm and a common alarm.
  • Local door alarm indicator – colour change on door logo.
  • High and low temperature alarm.
  • User definable periodic preventative maintenance alarms.
  • Full alarm log (requires commissioning tool to access and reset).
  • User definable time delays on alarm functions.
  • Automatic dual supply change over.
  • Power fail alarm on supply change over.
Rear Door Coolers

ColdLogik Room Management System ‘RMS’

<p>Data Center monitoring</p>

The entry level ColdLogik RMS monitor can monitor up to 100 devices. A 300-device option is also available.

Data Center monitoring

The ColdLogik solution may be supplied with an optional Room Management System ‘RMS’. The Unit can be fitted inside or outside the DC at the entrance to the data hall for instance, monitoring the operational condition of the DC or any individual connected item.

It is designed to provide ‘all’ details of the ColdLogik Data Center cooling, interfacing before the Building Management System, but working with any BMS installed.

The ‘RMS’ uses Modbus over TCP/IP communication to access information from each ColdLogik unit (CMS – ColdLogik Management System – built into each cooler).

The ‘RMS’ has an IP address (Network port), six USB ports and options to upgrade the built-in software with various ‘control or logic’ options. The unit is “bare” until the ColdLogik installation data is programmed in.

<p>Data Center monitoring</p>

The entry level ColdLogik RMS monitor can monitor up to 100 devices. A 300-device option is also available.

User interface provides:

  • A list of all devices including—In row Coolers, Rear Door Coolers, External plant, LPS
  • Monitoring & logging of alarms – both active and cleared
  • Monitoring of parameter changes including a log of changed details
  • Logging of actual system parameters
  • Output of history/logged information
  • Different alarm priorities with e-mail alarm output
  • Remote access via network or independent SIM/router (as an option)
  • BMS output Modbus via TCP/IP – BACnet client and BACnet server available as options
  • Parameter changes (including alarm reset) via password protected access

Cooling distribution unit and leak prevention system

Another unique and important attribute of the ColdLogik solution is the option of a patented Leak Prevention System (LPS), which is incorporated within the Cooling Distribution Unit ‘CDU’. As water is present in most data centers, they have the same inherent weaknesses – such as leak detection systems shutting down parts of the cooling system when moisture is detected. In the event of a pipework breach, the LPS – Leak Prevention System – stops water escaping from the pipework and allows the cooling system to continue running unimpaired, providing uptime, safety and system resilience

External cooling options

External cooling selection is less restrictive with a ColdLogik system – in many cases you do not have to rely on traditional mechanical cooling products such as chillers. This is primarily due to the design and control functions of the CL20 rear coolers – the rear coolers utilise much higher water supply temperatures compared to other forms of computer room air-conditioning to achieve the same room ambient temperature. Consequentially, free cooling can be obtained from a wider range of options such as river, lakes or boreholes. When all the facts are taken into account, our bold claim of 93% energy savings over and above standard computer room aircon systems is easily justified.

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