Data Center Products that Exceed Expectations

Discover the High Performing Data Center products, including ColdLogik Rear Door Coolers – RDHx, ColdLogik InRow Cooler, ColdLogik & EDGE LX Plant.

<p>Cooling Solutions</p>


Cooling Solutions

ColdLogik RDC’s enhance the efficiency of most data centers without the need for any changes to their current design. However, greater energy efficiencies are achievable when the complete ColdLogik solution is deployed.

  • ColdLogik Rear Door Coolers – RDHx
  • ColdLogik InRow Cooler
  • ColdLogik CDU



Simple ‘plug and play’ EDGE solutions are supplied pre-configured from the factory with built in intelligence and an energy efficient air-cooling system for effortless installation and customer convenience.

  • EDGE-3 Soundproof MDC
  • EDGE-5 Air Conditioned MDC
  • EDGE-7 Side Cooler MDC
  • EDGE-Pack Accessories
<p>Aisle Containment</p>


Aisle Containment

Thermodynamically advanced, cost and energy efficient, our solutions incorporate Horizontal (flat roof) and Vertical solutions spanning hot aisle or cold aisle options all of which improve cooling efficiencies specific to your data center requirements.

  • USpace Horizontal Aisle Containment
  • USpace Vertical Aisle Containment



Data Center racks and data cabinets are Better by design. State of the art manufacturing facilities guarantees the unbeatable quality, style and innovation associated with USystems.

  • USpace Racks & Frames
  • UCoustic Soundproof Rack

Data Center Solutions that Exceed Expectations

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