As part of the EDGE range we offer a full suite of fully specified intelligent power strips in a variety of entry levels and specifications to suit your solution requirements.

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    Intelligent power 
distribution units
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    As part of the EDGE range we offer a full suite of fully specified intelligent power strips in a variety of entry levels and specifications to suit your solution requirements.
    Power distribution is sometimes viewed as one of the last decisions to make at the end of the critical power path within your server room or datacenter. The fact is that this is also one of the most important and critical. The reason is that, after investing in LV switchboards, uninterruptible power supplies and standby power generators decisions must be made which govern not only the connection of your loads but also whether and how to monitor them.

    Types of PDU

    There are three types of PDU which include basic, metered and smart/intelligent.

    Basic PDUs – simple power outlet connection and distribution

    Also known as a power strip, the basic PDU is little more than a socket extension strip for mounting in a server cabinet. The PDU will have several power outlets and may include spike/electrical noise filtering and surge protection. Some basic PDUs can be upgraded with additional modules to turn them into more advanced PDUs with metering functions. Basic PDUs offer no remote monitoring and are ideal for small computer rooms and server rooms with a limited number of installed servers and IT equipment.

    Metered PDUS – provide power usage information

    The next level in sophistication is that of the metered PDU. Metered PDUs provide power related information that can be used to show consumption for analysis and in a colocation data center, for billing. The typical power related information monitored includes load current, kVA, kW, kWh, power factor, AC supply voltage (from a UPS system or mains power supply) and its frequency.
    A metered PDU usually displays this information on a built-in display panel or GUI (graphical user interface). It may also be possible to access the information via a built-in or optional plug-in remote IP/SNMP interface.

    The information available from a metered PDU can be collated to check for individual PDU power consumption, as well as overall load balancing for the server rack, and overall server room and datacenter.
    Metered PDUs are recommended for larger server rooms and data centers and especially those with shared resources (including electricity) which require individually billing.

    Intelligent PDUs : smart energy usage and outlet controls

    Intelligent or smart PDUs are the most advanced type of power distribution product with additional features to a basic and metered PDU. What makes this type of product ‘Smart’ is the extra functionality built-in. The PDUs include an IP/SNMP interface as standard and this may even be a hot-swap module to allow upgrades and swap-outs without the need for load downtime. Connection to a local IP network allows the PDU to continuous report on power consumption and provide power related metrics locally or via a web interface to a data center infrastructure management (DCIM) platform.

    The advantages of continuous power monitoring even down to individual socket levels allows for instantaneous alarm reporting if safety thresholds are exceeded. Electricity consumption down to individual sockets is typically +/- 1% in accuracy allowing for timely and precision billing. Load balancing is also more precise as is the loading on upstream UPS systems allowing for redistribution of the critical power as required.

    Intelligent or smart PDUs also tend to offer a wide range of additional monitoring accessories to enable them to monitor environment factors: temperature, humidity, water ingress, smoke and security.
    In addition to the more advanced communications features, intelligent PDUs also tend to include switched outlets. This is an important feature as it allows individual power outlets to be remotely controlled i.e. switched off or on to assist local reboots or the powering down of individual servers. This can help to reduce the workload of data center technicians during peak periods and with sever utilization during off-peak load periods as servers can be activated or deactivated remotely.

  • Better by Choice

    The Secure Space is a TCP/IP network ready, cost effective, flexible, access control and environmental monitoring solution which has been specifically designed with high security and simplicity in mind.

    Secure Space electronic locking systems

    Ideal for single or multiple cabinet and site/installations, each Secure Space system supports two independent electronic door handles with integrated key override, cladding status.


    Proximity card/fob sensors can be supplied pre-programmed ready for issue to users. The Secure Space has an LCD display, which allows the unit IP address and status to be displayed at the cabinet.
    The factory installed integrated web browser interface employs a Real Time Operating System (RTOS), which ensures that the browser page does not need to be constantly refreshed. Two levels of access privilege are supported: Admin and User.


    100 plus users are supported per cabinet with individual access rights to one or both access points. Each user has a start and end date for access control. Up to 20 user groups can be created and there can be multiple shift patterns. Shifts are defined as days of the week with start and end times.

    Key Features
    • Proximity sensors front and rear
    • Electronic handles with key override and status indicator /feedback
    • Optional integrated handle and reader
    • Handle ståatus feedback via TCIP/IP
    • Web interface
    • TCIP/IP protocol
    • SNMP protocol
    • User and Admin access levels
    • One RJ45 10/100 base-TX Ethernet TCP/IP network port
    • 100 plus users
    • Up to 20 user groups
    • Standard or 19” rack mounted unit
    • Zero U mounting option available
    • Optional keypad and bio finger print
    • Industry standard entry system supported (Mifare, Weigland etc)
    • Many customer specific card entry systems may be incorporated
    • Optional door/panel status sensors front and rear door plus top cover and cladding
    Real time monitoring
    • A factory installed real time GUI (graphical user interface) gives a live status report of handle, door and cladding status.
    • Secure Space allows for remote opening of locking swing handles saving both time and expense by removing the requirement to travel to and from site.
    • Secure Space provides the highest level of cabinet security using electronically operated swing handles with status feedback.
    • The addition of master key override ensures access to the cabinet in the event of power being lost to the cabinet.
    • Cladding sensors provide feedback indicating door open and close status.
    • Sensors within the swing handle warn of incorrect closure and is indicated with integral LED’s and via network.
    • Users are authorised using time slots, days of the week and start/end dates.
    • Simple removal of authorisation at GUI ensures security should a user leave or an access tag be lost or stolen.
  • Better by Choice

    In today’s world, uninterrupted power supply storage can make or break your business and that of your clients. Regardless of whether the origin is a short or long interruption, a voltage dip, a transient voltage disturbance, power interruptions can cause power outages which in turn causes serious consequences.
    It is estimated that power quality problems across industry and commerce cost the EU alone around 10 billion per annum, whilst expenditure on preventative measures would cost less than 5% of this.
    USystems EDGE solutions offer a scalable UPS that combines the highest levels of reliability and the lowest cost of ownership.

    Uninterruptible Power Supply ‘UPS’

    Our UPS’s can meter energy consumption right down to the managed outlet group. We offer rack/tower convertible versions, pedestal and rail kits are included with all models at no extra charge.
    Our UPS’s deliver more real output power – able to provide more servers than other UPSs with equivalent VA ratings and lower power factors.
    We are also able to offer an option of adding more runtime with up to four external hot-swappable battery modules.

    Performance and efficiency

    ith an optimised electrical design, our UPSs can provide up to 99% efficiency, reducing cooling and utility costs. With a power factor at 0.9 we can delivery more real output power. Compatible with all modern IT equipment.

    Advanced protection for:

    • Servers
    • Switches
    • Routers
    • Storage devices
    • Small and Medium Data centers
    • IT,Networking, Storage and Telecom
    • Infrastructure, Industrial and Medical
    Features and benefits
    • Graphical LCD display
      Providing clear information on the status
    • Metering energy consumption
      kWh values can be monitored
    • Availability and flexibility
      Bypass is available for easy replacement without powering down critical systems
    • Paralleling functionality
      To achieve twice the power of unitary products
    • Load segment control
      Enable prioritised shutdowns of nonessential equipment to maximise battery runtime for critical devices. Serial, USB and relay connectivity. An extra slot for an optional comms card
    • Battery management
      Longer life battery with option of up to 12 external hot-swappable battery modules.

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